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Find out more about #hatecrime and how to report it: @NationalHCAW #NHCAW #NoPlaceForHate
Repubs took over State Capitol (shame on us 4 that),gave the rich a huge tax cut, made up 4 it preying on black cities like Flint #hatecrime
Can someone please explain to me why this man is still in office- & when, President Obama, is he going to be arrested? #hatecrime #racecrime
Media pushes racial divide after young white man kidnapped and tied up - #HateCrime
It's International Day to #FightRacism. Find out more about #HateCrime and how to report it:
"They were killed because they were Black.": @CharlestonPD spokesman to @CNN on the #CharlestonChurchShooting #HateCrime
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