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I'm on my bus headed to Oklahoma. Drunk. Bitch.. #getoverit
Attention all Democrats, Liberals, Moonbats & Snowflakes ! #DealWithIt #StopCrying #MoveOn #TurnThePage #GetOverIt
Get Over It video goes live in 20 mins! Will be following people with the #GetOverIt and nice hair
He's my dog... She hasn't given a fuck about him for 4 months... Now she does.. When he meets new girls #getoverit
The PeeCee n Nushki "CATFIGHT" !! ..For those who believe everything!! #GetOverIt @AnushkaSharma
Tom Fletcher: master of sass, shouts at small children, wearer of questionable knitwear. #GetOverIt
If you mad your chick follows me that's a sign of a #insecuremale #getoverit
I gotta say these excuses you guys are sending are more pitiful than Manny's performance tonight. His injury excuse is hilarious #GetOverIt
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