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Stephen Koukoulas
how odd that some people see lower wages as the road to economic wellbeing and prosperity flatearth
How odd that some people see lower wages as the road to economic wellbeing and prosperity. #flatearth
The Verge
@verge 3 years
flatearth continues neil degrasse tyson s nephew responds to bob with a diss track
#FlatEarth continues: Neil deGrasse Tyson's nephew responds to B.o.B with a diss track
Popular Science
exclusive neiltyson told us all about his flatearth rap beef with bobatl
EXCLUSIVE: @neiltyson told us all about his #FlatEarth rap beef with @bobatl
Science News
evidence points to a hidden planet9 if it exists it s definitely not flat flatearth
Evidence points to a hidden #Planet9. If it exists, it's definitely not flat! #FlatEarth
Science News
exoplanets get new namesand guess what they re all round flatearth
Exoplanets get new names...and guess what? They're all round! #FlatEarth
Science News
you know what planet also isn t flat pluto flatearth
You know what planet also isn't flat? Pluto! #FlatEarth
the flatearth conspiracy from bob explained and obviously debunked
The #FlatEarth conspiracy from B.o.B. explained (and obviously debunked)
David Baddiel
the intriguing thing about bobatl s flatearth conspiracy theory is who exactly is benefiting from fooling us a
The intriguing thing about @bobatl's #flatearth conspiracy theory is: who exactly is benefiting from fooling us all that the earth is round?
Corey S. Powell
idea that medieval scholars believed in flatearth is a myth created by washington irving
Idea that Medieval scholars believed in #FlatEarth is a myth created by Washington Irving.
Maclean's Magazine
flatearth and beyond the rise of anti intellectual anti science thinking in america
#FlatEarth and beyond: The rise of anti-intellectual, anti-science thinking in America
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