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This was beamed across the UK. The entire world is watching. #SOSManus #EvacuateNow
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This is an SOS. @TurnbullMalcolm we’re calling on you to #EvacuateNow
Go you good things! These two have scaled a crane at #melbournecup with a message for Turnbull #evacuatenow
Peter Dutton calls these "cosmetic issues” #EvacuateNow #SOSManus
This is what police have done to the Manus camp. Call your MP now:

#SOSManus #EvacuateNow
What an incredible turn out in Canberra. We stand in solidarity with the men on Manus #EvacuateNow #SOSManus
Demonstrations are happening around the country today and tomorrow. Where will you be?

#SOSManus #EvacuateNow
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