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Did Poroshenko and NABU target @realdonaldtrump #election team in order to stay in power?
.@LaurenJauregui spoke to us about her latest single #Expectations at the #Election Afterparty #Plus1TheVote
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Friends sending me pics and lots of calls about long lines. Please wait it out and VOTE! Every vote is needed. Your VOICE MATTERS! #Election

GET OUT AND VOTE! Find 5 others. This is our chance to take back America!!

This is not about the next 4 years. It is about the next 40 years. Vote for our freedoms and future. #SupremeCourt #MAGA #Election
Media elites have done everything they can to stop Trump. WE THE PEOPLE will rise up and take back America! #Trump #Election
The easiest way to get my father to do something is tell him it can't be done! Today we take back America from the elites! #MAGA #Election
America is the greatest country in the history of the world. I fear we are losing our country. Today we take it back! #MAGA #Election
There is still time to send DC the biggest message of the past 60 years. Send an outsider to an insiders game! #MAGA #Election
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