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New Zealand is the world's least corrupt nation #corruption
No mention that she was a Clinton staffer & ally? It's almost like they didn't want to point that out? #CORRUPTION
Find out how #XiJinping fought #corruption in Fujian province before becoming China's president #GuanghuaStudio
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There are no rules if the majority can simply change them on a dime to get their way. #corruption #ThirdWorldUSA
#Nigeria #Corruption “It is immoral to plagiarize other people’s work, but even worse to use dishonesty to launch a campaign about honesty."
After 17yrs, #Congress gets Railway Ministry. Result is a scam ! Does anyone still have a doubt that Congress is the problem ? #Corruption
Hundreds of Thousands Of #Brazilians Take Top Cities' Streets By Storm Protesting Against #Government #Corruption
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