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BREAKING: British Columbians have voted to keep the current electoral system of first past the post. 61.3% in favor. #bcpoli
#bcpoli BC Liberals call it an "investment in education."Actually the unavoidable consequence of a humiliating loss in the courts.

BC has dodged a major bullet in rejecting PR. Great news for big-tent parties like the NDP and BC Liberals. Disaster for the Greens. #bcpoli
BCTF tells teachers to take personal stuff home. Considering how much teachers pay out of pocket, that's like the whole classroom. #bcpoli
Surprise! Oil companies plan to stick us with a massive clean-up bill ... my latest. #cdnpoli #AbLeg #bcpoli
The disinformation campaign that is marring B.C's electoral reform debate. My latest: #bcpoli
Memo to Trudeau — we support pipelines: My Thursday Sun Media column #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli #quepoli
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