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#bcpoli BC Liberals call it an "investment in education."Actually the unavoidable consequence of a humiliating loss in the courts.

The national push to suppress Alberta’s economy. Column #ableg #yyc #yeg #cdnpoli #abpoli #bcpoli
BREAKING: Alberta passes legislation to cut off oil supply to BC #abpoli #bcpoli
BCTF tells teachers to take personal stuff home. Considering how much teachers pay out of pocket, that's like the whole classroom. #bcpoli
Melanie Mark becomes the first First Nations woman to serve in cabinet in British Columbia #bcpoli
Premier Scott Moe says Sask. also considering cutting B.C. off from gas over pipeline delay #skpoli #ableg #bcpoli
BC Greens announce they will support BC NDP to form government #bcpoli #bcelxn17
BREAKING NEWS: Christy Clark is resigning as leader of the B.C. Liberal Party effective Aug. 4 #bcpoli
STORY: B.C. Green Party and NDP agree to have NDP form government #bcpoli
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