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Possible UFO pics around 8 p.m. over #Arizona Cardinals Stadium. Can it be? Pics by: Tisa Hunnewell #azwx
Based on radar & photo evidence, we've classified a brief landspout tornado south of downtown Phoenix. #azwx
INCREDIBLE shot of the monsoon storm that hit Prescott Valley earlier today #abc15wx #azwx
It just keeps going up!!! Drink some water. #azwx #azheat
Tonight’s sunset at Navajo Bridge. #azwx
Info just in from USGS. 4.1 earthquake 11km NNE of Black Canyon City...likely aftershock of earlier one. #azwx
Awaiting info about apparent earthquake info from USGS. #azwx
32° in @VisitFlagstaff - chilly start to what’s going to be a beautiful day! #azwx
A new record high! Yes, Phoenix just set a new record of 117 by 1:27 pm. And we're still climbing. #azwx
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