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Yep, outside the NWS Flagstaff office. #azwx
NOW: Both directions of I-10 are flooded at 43rd Avenue. Avoid the area. #aztraffic #azwx
As of 138PM, up to 1.32". This is now Phoenix's wettest October on record and the 10th wettest month ever. #azwx
Possible UFO pics around 8 p.m. over #Arizona Cardinals Stadium. Can it be? Pics by: Tisa Hunnewell #azwx
How about this super close-up Goes-16 loop of Florence! #azwx #cawx
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A tornado touched down this afternoon in Northern Arizona. #azwx
Anyone else see the great sunset this evening? #azwx
Phoenix just had its 2nd wettest October day and 9th wettest day ever with 2.24" (so far). #azwx
Alright...did some official updating to this chart. Suffice to say it has been raining today! #azwx
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