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Possible UFO pics around 8 p.m. over #Arizona Cardinals Stadium. Can it be? Pics by: Tisa Hunnewell #azwx
Here's a look at dust progressing along I-8 near I-10. #azwx
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NOW: Dust is clearly visible from our traffic camera on I-10 and Wild Horse Pass. #azwx #PullAsideStayAlive
Info just in from USGS. 4.1 earthquake 11km NNE of Black Canyon City...likely aftershock of earlier one. #azwx
Who said they wanted thunderstorms? Might be an interesting Sunday for some. #azwx #cawx
Awaiting info about apparent earthquake info from USGS. #azwx
IT'S A RECORD!!! Phoenix Sky Harbor 2.96 in. of rain breaks the all-time calendar day record total previously 2.91/1933. #flood #azwx
Isolated storms around N and NW Maricopa County. Greatest threat is some heavy rain. #azwx
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