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Today, one man shot nearly 600 people in minutes w/greater casualty count than any one day in #Iraq or #Afghanistan #LasVegasShooting
It took Trump 28 minutes to tell us the US will continue to do the same thing it's been doing in #afghanistan for 16 years: add more troops
9 dead in #Munich horrific. But 80 dead in #Kabul. Maybe #EiffelTower should be in #Afghanistan colors not German
Skateboarding is so new to #Afghanistan that nobody has had a chance to say girls can’t do it. #ShareHumanity
Daughter of first #American killed in #Afghanistan learns freed #Taliban leader was behind it
Our commanders-in-chief, not our commanders in the field, are responsible for the failure in #Afghanistan
The promoters of war win. The American people lose. #Afghanistan
#Afghanistan as seen through the lens of @AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, killed today:
‘US doesn’t want #Afghanistan war to end – it's cash cow for Pentagon, contractors’ (Op-Edge)
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