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Join me & @Z100NewYork when we reveal the #z100JingleBall presented by @CapitalOne lineup inside @Macys Herald Sq on 10/10 @ 5pm
have a surprise for u tomorrow. 😱 #Z100JingleBall ,
NEW YORK @TheGarden TONIGHT! #z100jingleball
7.30 ET // @z100newyork's JINGLE BALL
US! T #Z100JingleBall tickets go on sale at 10amET tomorrow. Here's the link if you wanna come..
NYC!!!! can’t wait to see u at #Z100JingleBall tonight, u can listen live on @z100newyork 💕💕💕
Looks like @NiallOfficial and Santa are getting along backstage at #z100jingleball
US.. you guys can get tickets for #Z100JingleBall here if you wanna come
UNREAL UNREAL! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH NYC ! I love u !! #Z100JingleBall thank you ❤️
SO excited for #Z100Jingleball tonight!! Tune-in to @Z100NewYork to listen to the show live 🙌🏻
POLL TIME! Which member of @FifthHarmony would you just CRY if you saw on our #Z100JingleBall presented by @CapitalOne lineup this year?! 😭
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