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The magic of a Nigerian Wedding in America: #Yoruba
If the person who defecates in a public place cannot remember, the one who cleans it cannot forget. A #Yoruba #proverb, K Jayeola, #Nigeria
What the dog sees and barks at, the sheep has already seen and remained silent. A #Yoruba #proverb sent by Ifeanyi J. Maduka, Lagos, Nigeria
Though the bat may hang its head downwards, it is fully aware of the way the birds fly. A #Yoruba #proverb sent by Aremo Chris, Nigeria
If the frying pan is not heated up, the corn cannot pop. A #Yoruba #proverb sent by Samuel Fayiah Johnson, Ibadan, Nigeria
When a mother elephant blows its trumpet, the baby elephant stays quiet. A #Yoruba proverb from #Nigeria sent by Collins Fadare, London, UK
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