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Retweet and follow me to win his and hers @wileyx glasses. One winner selected at random in 4 hours. #WinItWednesday
Retweet to win this @Budweiser door panel from the Texas car. 1 winner picked at random in 4hrs. #WinItWednesday
Retweet to win the @Budweiser hood from the 2014 @BMSupdates spring race. 1 winner picked in 4 hrs. #WinItWednesday
Retweet & follow me to win 2 suite tickets to see me race in the #Daytona500. Winner picked in 4hrs #WinItWednesday
Retweet for a chance to win my @NewEraCap collection. 1 follower picked in 4hrs. #WinItWednesday
RT & Follow me to win this throwback @BuschBeer @NewEraCap. Winner picked in 4hrs. #WinItWednesday @TooToughToTame
RT & Follow me 4 a chance to win a @jimmyjohns prize pack. 4 winners picked at random in 4 hrs. #WinItWednesday
Retweet & Follow me to win a pair of tickets to the #SprintAllStar Race. 4 winners picked in 4 hrs. #WinItWednesday
RT & Follow me to win my @jimmyjohns @NewEraCap from @RIRInsider. Winner picked in 4hrs. #TheChase #WinItWednesday
Retweet & follow me to win this #29 signed Happy Holidays diecast. Winner selected in 4 hours. #WinItWednesday
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