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Please use common sense and restraint in circulating pictures and videos of those that have been injured during the incident in #Westminster
Eiffel Tower in Paris turns off its lights in mark of respect to #Westminster terror attack
If you have photos or film of the incident in #Westminster please make sure you pass them to police
Rooftop camera shows moment car crashes into barriers outside Parliament #Westminster
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#Westminster attack latest:

• 5 dead, including attacker
• Attacker known to police
• At least 40 injured

We were called at approx 2:40pm to reports of an incident at #Westminster Bridge. Being treated as a firearms incident - police on scene
Full statement from Commander Harrington following the incident in #Westminster #London
#Westminster car crash is being treated as terror attack, London police say
Police confirm they are treating the attack near #Parliament in #Westminster as a terrorist incident
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Met Police pay tribute to the officer killed in the #Westminster attack - PC Keith Palmer, 48, a husband and father
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