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Here's what @maddow's describing: Indivisible: A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda. #WeWillWin
Love Smith, the new Illinois coach RT @IlliniAD: #WEWILLWIN
In Honor of our 20th Year Championship Anniversary, let's do it again! #WeWillWIN #Title9 #WeRUK #UnTouchables96
Amazing grace at JFK; I love you America. #WeWillWin
Heading off the packed R Train to the anti-turd-Trump protest against his nativist UnAmerican orders. #WeWillWin ⚫️
#BestFans! RT @ABianchi17: Not going to sleep until this @Mets game is over #WeWillWin
They best Joy you will ever feel in life is seeing other people, HELP OTHER PEOPLE! @StaminaFD #WeWillWin #AOK
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