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"Horrors so appalling the imagination shrinks from the task" #WWI began 100 years ago today
Listen to a recreation made by the Imperial War Museum of when #WWI guns fell silent 100yrs ago
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100 years ago, #WWI ended and the guns fell silent
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War has no winners - history lessons need to be learned. Celebrating centennial of #WWI Armistice in #Paris
Powerful Irish voices from the Great War #WWI
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Live: World leaders are attending #WWI commemoration ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
7 interesting ways that #WWI still impacts today's #USArmy.
The 100 year old violin that brought a First World War soldier to life 💕
#wwi #music #musician #firstworldwar
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The Battle of Verdun in France began #onthisday 100 years ago, one of the largest in #WWI
On #ThisDayInHistory 1914, all troops engaged in #WWI cease fire for the #Christmas Truce.
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