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Results for WT20

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Tough luck boys. It was a good match and well fought! Best wishes to West Indies and England for the finals. #IndvsWI #WT20
The Player of the Tournament is @imVkohli! #WT20
The celebrations go on for #WI! @emirates join in the fun! #Champion #WT20 #ENGvWI #WT20Final
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After a hard week on #Robot2 cant tell u'll how good it feels to enjoy a match with my kids & friends in Delhi #WT20
Here's the #TwitterMirror for the Player of the Match! He says #Believe Virat Kohli take a bow!! #WT20 #INDvAUS
WATCH: MS Dhoni's reply to a journalist who asked him about his retirement plans #WT20 #IndvsWI
This was the moment that won it for India!

The absolute state of these mentions! 😂

Pakistan didn't get out of the #WT20 group stage guys 🙃
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