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Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Every $1 makes a difference! #WFP
Congrats to our #WFP Global Ambassador Against Hunger #JoseMourinho for his appointment to #ManchesterUnited !
#WFP is mobilizing to assist those whose lives were shattered in the #NepalQuake. Help here:
The #SyriaCrisis approaches its 6th year. The suffering deepens. RT to support #WFP
#NHLJets coach Paul Maurice was just asked how much his team misses Paul Stastny, who opted to sign in Vegas. “We don’t.” #wfp
In the aftermath of the #NepalQuake, people camp in any space they find. Help #WFP respond:
#WFP forced to suspend food aid to over 1.7 million #Syrian refugees due to funding crisis
It would appear Teemu Selanne is on his way to Winnipeg for tonight’s #NHLJets playoff game. #wfp
#Fact: 66 million primary school-age kids go to class #hungry in the developing world. #WFP works to change this.
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