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Two weeks ago, it had been a mild winter. Then this happened. #wawx
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Wow! Look at the view from Paradise this morning! #wawx #wasnow
Tsunami watch for WA/OR/CA coastal areas has been canceled. #wawx
Here's a couple more Venus and Moon photos from the roof to commemorate tonight's lovely #nightsky display. #wawx
Snow report from Snoqualmie Pass - just shy of 50" of snow has fallen in the past 48 hours. #wawx #wasnow
Here's the visible satellite loop of the Pacific Northwest 37 years ago today - as Mount St. Helens erupted. #wawx
Sunrise was anything but ordinary this morning at NWS Seattle. #wawx #sunrise
Clouds backlit by tonight's #Supermoon reflecting off the glassy water of Seattle's Green Lake this evening. #wawx
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