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your morning PLAYLIST - big bro @usherraymondiv #NUMB - Me and @nickiminaj #BeautyAndABeat #WATCH
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#WATCH Pakistani posts destroyed by Indian Army in Nowshera (Jammu and Kashmir)
#WATCH ITBP jawans doing Yoga at nearly 18000 feet in Ladakh in -25 degrees #InternationalYogaDay
#WATCH Traffic halts on Pipavav-Rajula highway in Gujarat as pride of lions cross the road.
Can't believe HIMYM's 200th episode airs tonight! It's a great one, starring The Mother! Lots of back story revealed... #watch
But Obama said it doesn't exit??? I guess like media bias it only doesn't exist if you're a dem. #voterfraud #watch
#WATCH PM Narendra Modi replies to critics of the government.
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#WATCH | A Hindu young girl who escaped from the clutches of caliphate recounts her horror #CaliphateConvertsHindus
#WATCH Mysuru Palace lights up ahead of Mysuru #Dussehra festival tomorrow
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#WATCH Dramatic visuals: Girl survives after being run over by a train in Mumbai
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