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#Urgent U.S. official confirms North Korea launched four ballistic missiles, @barbarastarrcnn reports
#URGENT Police are searching for a 3-year-old missing boy in Toronto. #FindElijah
#MISSING - Monique Priester last seen in Atlanta. MORE:

Please retweet and mention the journalists who you now #Aleppo #Syria #Urgent #BREAKING .
#URGENT Eight bodies recovered from U.S. #Marine helicopter crash site. Six Marines & two Nepali soldiers were onboard. #Nepal
#URGENT President Trump says time to work "constructively" with Russia
#URGENT — Pres. George Bush Sr. hospitalized and in intensive care - a blood infection
#URGENT | More than 20 explosions were recorded in Damascus after the attack announcement made by @realDonaldTrump.
#Urgent please note: No I was not directly thretatened for denouncing a pedophile. There is someone posing as me on #FB puting me in danger.
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