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#UGA fans calling the Dawgs in New Orleans

This is why we can't take you people anywhere...

(I kid, I kid)
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DeAndre Baker makes his presence felt in Columbia after Deebo Samuel's "Who?" #UGA #WeCocky #UGAvsSC
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222 rush yards
2 TDs

Quite a return from injury for the #UGA RB
Quay Walker may have just become a #UGA fan favorite. Flipped from Alabama to Georgia and that Tennessee hat toss...
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We just slowed down on 316 because somebody lost their Georgia car flag, and no one wanted to run over it.

Respect. #UGA
#UGA fans will let you know where they are....

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All you young highschool all Americans.. & 5⭐️ if you wanna win come to #UGA future is now. the New SEC 🤙🏾
Elijah Holyfield: 7 carries
Rodrigo Blankenship: 1 carry
Justin Fields: 0 pass attempts

Head-scratching stats. #UGA
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BTW, Todd Gurley still leads the SEC in rushing, despite missing two games and only playing 6 snaps vs. Troy.
#UGA introduced as the No. 1 team in the nation
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