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God is with those who seek peace. From heaven He blesses every step which, on this path, is accomplished on earth. #UAE #ApostolicJourney
Prayer purifies the heart from turning in on itself. Prayer of the heart restores fraternity. #UAE #ApostolicJourney
The Largest Sport and Humanitarian Event in the World @WorldGamesAD #BeUnified #UAE
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I looked out into the crowd and saw many different people. United, International Love. 6 yrs into my career, they were waiting. Humbled #UAE
Thank you @DerianMaya @givenchy for the lovely evening #dubai #uae
A 4 minute trial without a lawyer, and then a Life Sentence? Seriously? What kind of a banana republic do we own in the #UAE ? #MathewHedges
News: Mohammed’s followers on social media exceed six million #UAE
Love that #UAE pilots who bombed #ISIS #Syria led by female commander. Maj Mariam Al Mansouri. #ladyliberty
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