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Trump has flip flopped & been all over the place on every policy position except his admiration of Putin. I'm not distracted. #trumprussia
Since Sessions & Trump want to get tough on crime, they should look in the mirror & start w/ perjury & obstruction of justice #TrumpRussia
Trump is a liar. Everything that comes out of his mouth is designed to distract. #TrumpRussia story is real. Trump's presidency is the joke
Trump continues pushing fake news abt the Clintons & President Obama to distract from #Trumprussia investigations. He knows what he's doing.
Trump surrogate Rep.Nunes should be ashamed of himself & has no business leading the #Trumprussia investigation. We need an indpt commission
I will not be distracted & will continue to push for credible #TrumpRussia investigations until we get to the truth abt Trump & #KremlinKlan
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