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Seriously, what kind of person wakes up in the morning thinking, let's cut Meals on Wheels! And Sesame Street!!? Unreal. #TrumpBudget
This is where the #TrumpBudget belongs.
Amazingly, with terrorism on the rise, President Trump actually proposed cutting vital anti-terrorism funding in his #TrumpBudget last week.
The #TrumpBudget abandons any notion that patriotism involves sacrificing for the common good, and celebrates a cruel form of individualism.
Every $1 spent on Meals on Wheels saves $50 in #Medicaid costs. Trump is not just cruel, he's stupid. #trumpbudget
Under the #TrumpBudget & millions in cuts to Head Start, 11,030 CA children will no longer receive high-quality child care or early ed.
The #TrumpBudget hurts the middle class more than any budget I have ever seen. My colleagues helped me explain why:
#TrumpBudget is brainless. It is heartless. And it relies on Madoff-style accounting tricks.
.@POTUS campaigned on the promise of bigger, better infrastructure. In the #TrumpBudget it's nowhere to be found.
#TrumpBudget cuts anti-terrorism funds: 25% cut to UASI, an essential prgm to major city police depts like #NYPD-- would make us less safe.
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