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Former Presidents Bush, Obama, Clinton: We didn't talk to #Trump about border wall.
Thank you Rachel Maddow for proving to your #Trump hating followers how successful @realDonaldTrump is & that he paid $40mm in taxes! #Taxes
The NRA, which pumped $30 million into #Trump campaign, says it took money from 23 Russia-linked donors
#trump grow up,behave like a president.Stop lying and cheating American know you lost popular vote.
The first month of #Trump family trips & NYC security will cost more than $15m, roughly 1/6 that of 8 years of Obama
#Trump saying "I called it" about the NY/NJ bombing: Donald Trump is the only person besides terrorists who claims credit for terrorism.
The editorial cartoon from the @HoustonChron #Trump #HoustonStrong @Nick_Anderson_
Personal photos I took of @realdonaldtrump taking the call that ended it all one year ago today.
#maga #trump
#Trump has lied so many times, they made a documentary about it…
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