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#Breaking Sky News Business understands the government is formulating a plan to levy the big four banks. #ticky
.@marshall_steven says the next South Australian election 'will be a showdown based up on tax'. #ticky
.@marshall_steven has 'completely ruled out' introducing a state bank levy should he ever win government. #ticky
.@zipmoneyAU CEO @diamlar: The $40m equity investment from @Westpac is a huge validation of our model. #Ticky
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.@LoaneSally: Anything that reduces money out of super takes away from the purpose of super. #ticky
.@CCI_CEO says the privatization of Western Power will wipe $8 billion from the budget deficit in WA. #ticky
ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft says Australia is in a 'housing bubble'. MORE: #ticky
.@saulkavonic: Gas could be liquefied in Australia and exported overseas. MORE: #ticky
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.@psimpsonmorgan says NBN Co does not owe Telstra any favours. #ticky on ch 602. MORE:
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