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"Media bias is not just about what they report, it's also about what they don't report."-@jessebwatters #thefive
A 9-year-old boy sent $3 to President #Trump when he heard @POTUS was only going to take a salary of $1. #TheFive
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"Trump just won on law & order and now he's delivering the goods." -@jessebwatters #thefive
.@jessebwatters on @DonaldJTrumpJr meeting with Russian attorney: "I believe Don Jr. is the victim here." #TheFive
Juan Williams just said it out loud. The Democrats do not care about child sex trafficking.

#MAGA #TheFive #immigration #BorderChildren
.@kimguilfoyle: "It makes absolutely no sense, from [a] public safety perspective, to abolish ICE." #TheFive
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.@jessebwatters on Paris accord withdrawal: "We went from leading from behind to America first today." #TheFive
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.@JesseBWatters: "At the end of the day, [@POTUS'] trip to Europe was positive." #TheFive
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