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#TateWeather predicts a rainy Saturday & a sunny Sunday.
Anthony Gross's 'La Route de Ste Livrade' captures both!
With dark and ominous clouds ahead, who could inspire today's #Tateweather but J.M.W Turner
Dive into the weekend with Hockney, catch the sun while you still can #Tateweather
A cloudy but calm weekend, just like this Turner. Enjoy the weekend everyone! #Tateweather
It's all yellows and blues this weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine #tateweather
A rainy weekend ahead, wrap up and keep a brolly handy! Here's a Turner for your #TateWeather
It's a glorious sunny day just like this #Turner painting. Enjoy the weekend! #TateWeather
#Tateweather is inspired by stormy Turner paintings. Enjoy and don't forget your umbrella
We hear the sun will be out tomorrow! Time for a picnic? #TateWeather
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