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We ask for the grace to listen to one another, in order to discern together what the Lord is asking of His Church. #Synod2018
#PopeFrancis greets 2 bishops from continental #China ahead of the 2nd day of @synod2018. #Synod2018
#PopeFrancis gets emotional welcoming, for first time, bishops from mainland China to Synod of Bishops. #Synod2018
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Here's a look back on last week at the #Synod2018 of Bishops on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.
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#PopeFrancis is welcomed at #Synod2018 on Tuesday morning by #YoungPeople and the Synod Fathers.
#PopeFrancis spends time on Tuesday with young participants in the #Synod2018 of Bishops.
#PopeFrancis arrives at #Synod2018 of Bishops to begin the 8th day of work.
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