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Yuri-kun's theme for the season is love. This show makes me so happy. Reminds me of all my happy time in Japan. #swoon #yurionice
A man fixing your computer is the new chopping firewood; makes a lady feel safe and warm. #Swoon
Move over, Fiona: @CincinnatiZoo welcomes baby red panda! #Swoon 😍😍😍
The ALWAYS handsome Orlando Bloom. #swoon #MetGala
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Patrick Dempsey even makes getting out of a car look good. #swoon
The adorable @TheVampsband serenaded us today and it was magical. #Swoon
Ladies, @jakemillermusic just stopped by our office! How cute is he?! #Swoon
@britneyspears @BrunoMars #Swoon is RIGHT! So soulful! PS. We're really looking forward to your #WorkBxxtch video premiere! :)
This is my favorite explanation for what's going on tonight with the #SuperBloodMoon #swoon
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