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Sources: #Steelers playmaking WR Martavis Bryant recently requested a trade. His teammates and coaches are well aware that he’s unhappy.
#Steelers LB James Harrison takes a strong stance against participation trophies for his sons. Interesting #Hottake
Sources: The #Steelers are allowing OC Todd Haley to walk now that he’s out of his contract. Pittsburgh expected to have a new OC.
The #Steelers have released long-time LB James Harrison, whose playing time had diminished
Statement from #Steelers President Art Rooney II:
Wow. The #Raiders just traded for #Steelers WR Martavis Bryant. He goes for No. 75.
All for one, and one for all. That’s how you play #Steelers football.

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Le'Veon Bell has been named the 2016 #Steelers MVP.

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Adisa Bakari, agent for #Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell, sums up negotiations like this: "They wanted to pay the position, not the player.”
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