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Fox News Poll: Should valid photo ID be required to prove U.S. citizenship before voting? #SpecialReport
2016 fatal shootings by police. #SpecialReport
DEVELOPING: South Korean media is reporting that North Korea is considering an attack near Guam. #SpecialReport
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Obama DOJ granted special immigration status to Natalia Veselnitskaya; Catherine Herridge reports. #SpecialReport
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.@TheJusticeDept releases documents on @billclinton-@AGLynch meeting; @JamesRosenTV reports. #SpecialReport
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.@MZHemingway: "We do have a really serious problem in this country with leftist violence." #SpecialReport
Illegal immigrant who was deported numerous times accused of stabbing and sexual assault. #SpecialReport
BREAKING: An IT aide to @DWStweets and other top lawmakers among @TheDemocrats is arrested @Dulles_Airport. #SpecialReport @BretBaier @ 6p.
Does @CNN reporting @PaulManafort was wiretapped in 2016-17 at all validate @realDonaldTrump's wiretap tweets? #SpecialReport @BretBaier 6p.
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