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We just surprised a bunch of people & performed on a plane 35,000 ft. in the air! #liveat35 #southwestairlines #litv
See the effects of today’s technical issues on #SouthwestAirlines flights. 15:00-02:00 UTC | 10:00-21:00 CDT
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#BREAKING: #SouthwestAirlines plane with reported engine flame out lands safely at #PHL
So tragic RT Woman aboard #SouthwestAirlines flight was refused a call that might have saved suicidal husband's life
#SouthwestAirlines apologized for asking customer for "proof" of relationship with her biracial son
It happened again: Another passenger was dragged off a plane. #SouthwestAirlines
#BREAKING: #SouthwestAirlines says it has grounded 128 planes over missed inspections to its backup hydraulic systems.
What will airports of the future look like? #southwestairlines
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