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There's also pancake ice - tiny little pans that bang into each other. #SciFriLive
It's time to talk about Hurricane Harvey and the "new normal." #SciFriLive
Up next: astronaut @Astro_Flow reflects his journey to the @Space_Station. #SciFriLive
We now have the first clear evidence cell phone radiation can cause cancer in rats #SciFriLive
Plus, September 27th is a rare lunar event - a total eclipse during a Supermoon! More at @SPACEdotcom #SciFriLive
Astronomer Vera Rubin passed away this week. She provided the evidence for dark matter. #SciFriLive
Recently, @RolandKays put a robot cat out to see what was attacking the local kitty population #SciFriLive
We're joined by Ann Druyan and Frank Drake to talk about the Golden Record #SciFriLive
"You can catch stress just like you can catch the flu... friends are very, very powerful." - @AmitSoodMD #SciFriLive
"Scientists never stop asking. They're little kids who never grew up." - @SylviaEarle #SciFriLive
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