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That man can't check me, boo! #Scandal is coming on tomorrow.
BREAKING NEWS: 12 years ago @realDonaldTrump made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes #scandal #thankyouMaddow
Mark your calendars, people! #GreysAnatomy and #HTGAWM return Thurs 9/28, with #SCANDAL rounding out #TGIT on 10/5!
I'm unclear why people think this is the season finale. We are just getting started. We have like 8 more episodes to go! #TGIT #Scandal
In the end, we went with showing what fulfilling the dream SHOULD mean. The idea of possibility. And the despair we feel now. #scandal
Look at these ladies in formation for #TGIT! Mark those calendars: 9/28 #GreysAnatomy #HTGAWM 10/5 #SCANDAL
We simply would not be here without YOU. Seasons 14, 7 and 4 HERE WE COME. 🍷🍿🎉 #TGIT #GreysAnatomy #SCANDAL #HTGAWM
Thank you @TheXFactor for lettin us jam tonight and to those who tuned in. And yes, I wore white shorts 😎 #Scandal #Ooouuu
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