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Returning from #PuertoRico now. Tremendous damage. Potential for serious crisis in areas outside of #SanJuan MUST get power crews in ASAP
not a bad view at all to wake up to #SanJuan
Conditions in parts of #PuertoRico getting worse. The main problem is a logistical one, the distribution of aid beyond #SanJuan 1/2
Emily!  Congrats on winning the #PuertoRico contest... #SanJuan see you again tonight! #EnriquePitbullTour
4/5 many mayors can't receive information if they leave #SanJuan & no way to transmit info to people back in municipalities if they stay
Just received briefing on #PuertoRico after #HurricaneMaria. Roads to #SanJuan airport not clear,so aid can't be flown in yet 1/2
Had 4 staff working in #SanJuan this week. They report challeges. But also the incredible dedication of local & federal officials 4/5
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