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Europe Elects
italy savini s right wing lega enf strongest party in italy replacing populist m5s efdd swg poll italy salvini
Italy: Savini's right-wing LEGA (ENF) strongest party in Italy, replacing populist M5S (EFDD) (SWG poll). #Italy #Salvini
Europe Elects
italy new record high for right wing lega enf after last week s election 26 swg poll elezioni2018 lega salvini
Italy: New record high for right-wing LEGA (ENF) after last week's election: 26% (SWG poll). #elezioni2018 #Lega #Salvini
Matteo Salvini
salvini live da conselve padova gt
#Salvini LIVE da Conselve, Padova >
@RT_com 10 months
far right league leader salvini asks italys president for mandate to form govt
Far-right League leader #Salvini asks #Italy’s president for mandate to form govt
Daily Express
the gravy train is over legas salvini launches scathing attack against eu
‘The gravy train is OVER’ #Lega’s #Salvini launches SCATHING attack against #EU
abandon euro kick out illegals what italy s lega may do with possible mandate salvini
Abandon Euro, kick out illegals: What #Italy's Lega may do with possible mandate #Salvini
@SputnikInt 9 months
i m not pro russian or pro american italy s new vice pm salvini
'I'm not pro-Russian or pro-American' - #Italy's new Vice PM #Salvini
more than 30 injured in clashes over leganord leader s visit to naples salvini
More than 30 injured in clashes over #LegaNord leader's visit to #Naples #Salvini
Oscar Giannino
con garbo amingardi su salvini dimaio italy is a nation of savers who know they would be hit by leaving the
Con garbo @amingardi su #Salvini #DiMaio
“Italy is a nation of savers who know they would be hit by leaving the €”
Agenzia ANSA
gazebarie salvini con meloni bertolaso no ticket con meloni
Gazebarie, #Salvini con #Meloni. #Bertolaso: 'No ticket con Meloni'
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