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From staying up all night to giving the healing touch, they've done a lot. It's high time we #ServeOurSeniors #SOS
#ServeOurSeniors and spread smiles. It’s beautiful! #SOS
10 years ago today, @Rihanna earned her first #Hot100 no. 1! #SOS
As kids & young adults, we threw tantrums and they obliged. Let's love, respect and #ServeOurSeniors #SOS
With zero financial support or infrastructure available for PAK cricket, how are they expected to achieve maximum results? #wakeupPCB #SOS
IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who is Donald Trump on the #GOPTitanic? #SOS
Grateful for my Mom's & the remarkable @StateDept team's service. Thankful I shared her last day as #SoS #ProudDaughter
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