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What an amazing day with amazing friends.. Got to see so many people.. Take home 2 awards and keep my new bcbg dress! Hehe #score
Up way to early to catch a flight to la la land.... Found something to wear so I didn't wear the same outfit as yesterday..... #score
Finishing a Reese's cup and realizing you still have one left is like realizing it's Friday when you thought it was Wednesday. #Score
Ugh I love doing scenes in sweats and sneakers #Score #AustinAndAlly #DancersAndDitzes
Chokers are making a comeback, and this one is under $10! #SCORE
fun fact- i have the jacket that creepy hanna doll is wearing so #score

He is sooo cool 😎 for me he is the best we have ever had on the show
Blows Jay out of the water

#score 10

OMG he's good
#QuoteOfTheDay: "Hey Victoria, anytime you're free, I'm up 4 taking you to McDonald's... Anything you want from the dollar menu." #score ;{)

I hope the public vote for them, this impressed me more than anyone else tonight.

LOVED it!!!!

SAVE GREG. #score 8
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