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Kevin De Bruyne gets the @ManCity man of the match 👏

Sometimes, you have to hold your hand up and appreciate the opposition.

(7-2) #SCFC
Thank you, @petercrouch ❤️

#SCFC 🔴⚪️
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FT: The Potters have lost. Defeat means we will be playing Championship football next season (1-2) #SCFC
BREAKING | City complete Club record £12m deal for Xherdan Shaqiri #WelcomeShaqiri #SCFC
21- '@JoleonLescott he's got a new car' is the chant from the Villa fans in the away end #SCFC 0-0 #AVFC
BREAKING | Stoke City are delighted to announce the signing of @RamadanSobhi from Egyptian Champions @AlAhly #SCFC
Cancer has no colours.

We’re with the family of young @LUFC Toby Nye who sadly passed away this week.

#SCFC 🔴⚪️
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BREAKING | Stoke City are delighted to announce the signing of Joe Allen from @LFC on a 5-year deal #SCFC
BREAKING | #SCFC delighted to announce the season-long loan signing of @wilfriedbony from @ManCity
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