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That’s one remarkable and factual banner headline. #RoyMoore
Man, that #RoyMoore is really doubling down in Alabama - what kind of slogan is "Make Puberty Great Again"?
WAS IT FORGERY? To alter a document & falsely portray the entire document as the work of someone else is to perpetrate a forgery #RoyMoore
Second only to Trump’s victory last November, a #RoyMoore win on Tuesday will be the most catastrophic defeat for the Left in recent years
Trump’s best answer to the #RoyMoore debacle: Tax reform!
I wonder if @GloriaAllred charges extra to make accusations based on forged documents #RoyMoore
#RoyMoore asking for recount.
#Alabama your vote will send a message to every child in your state. Show them your people care more for kids then pedophiles. #RoyMoore
A Democrat just won in the deep red state of Alabama after 25 yrs.
Sexual harassment lost.
Abuse of power lost.
Pedophilia lost.

Good thing about Alabamans, they have a pretty good nose for the media left’s horse manure #RoyMoore
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