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"I thank citizens, parties and representatives" ~ #RamNathKovind
"I thank the collegium, Smt Sonia Gandhiji and all parties ~ Meira Kumar
In keeping with tradition of proving entire media wrong, Modi sarkar picks Bihar governor & Dalit leader #RamnathKovind as President choice
PM #Modi offers sweet to #RamNathKovind as he congratulates him on being elected as #14thPresidentOfIndia.
#RamNathKovind is a self-made man who braved poverty and caste, studied and worked hard to succeed. No cooking, babysitting for Rajahs. Pity
India has a new President Elect .... Congratulations #RamNathKovind ji ...
"JDU's stand is irrevocable. We decided to support #RamNathKovind after due deliberation" ~ Pavan Varma. #MeiraKumar won't get JDU support
I will represent the working class and poor sections of the society in the @RashtrapatiBhvn: #RamNathKovind
Congratulations to #RamNathKovind for being elected as President. Nation looks forward to you!
Heartiest Congratulations to Shri #RamNathKovind on being sworn in as the 14th President of India. #PresidentKovind @RashtrapatiBhvn
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