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Showing This To The Brain Dead Left Is Like Showing A Cross To A Vampire

Here Is #Racist #PresidentTrump

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Sorry, #Frederica
"Empty Barrel" Is Not Racist

It Means Empty Headed People Like YOU

Call General Kelly #Racist
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Alan Dershowitz Responds To Deranged #MaxineWaters

Being Black Doesn't Give You Licence To Call Everyone A #Racist
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A Black Man Who Understands How #Democrats Exploit Blacks

Calling Someone #Racist Is A Device To Shut Down Speech

Don't Tell Anyone

It Ruins The #Racist White #Police Narrative
The #Hillary #Racist Speech Is A Distraction From Her Own Corruption

Refute It & Keep Exposing Her

How's your apology coming, @realDonaldTrump, to the Central Park Five, you stinking piece of human garbage?
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