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Help my friend @lukedonald and RT #RBCDonald to raise money for his charity @RMHCCNI.
Simply RT this for a chance to win, LD Tour bag, signed 54 deg #Mizuno wedge & signed #Mizuno JPX. hybrid #rbcdonald
One more day to RT to win this signed @Golf_Mizuno bag or tweet #RBCDonald as many times as you like. #RBCDonald
Picking a winner in a couple of hours! RT this or tweet #RBCDonald to win my signed @Golf_Mizuno Tour bag
RT this 4 a chance 2 win this #MiracleAtMedinah flag signed by all players & captains & game used shirts. #RBCDonald
RT this or tweet #RBCDonald to win 6 dozen Pro V1X golf balls and a pair of customized @FootJoy Icon golf shoes of your choosing #RBCDonald
Simply RT or tweet #RBCDonald to win these RLX @RalphLauren shirts. I'll throw in some of my own signed shirts too.
RT this tweet or just tweet #RBCDonald as many times as you like to win this signed Michael Jordan jersey. Go #23 #MJ
Last chance to win this signed MJ jersey. RT this or tweet #RBCDonald to be entered. Winner picked tmr. #MJ #23
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