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Sting and Shaggy. There is honestly not enough gin in England to make this bearable. #Queensbirthdayparty
If Paul McCartney turns up, one’s arse will be in the Bentley quicker than you can say “Let it Be”. #Queensbirthdayparty
We actually started a little late as Theresa May insisted on checking the immigration status of every performer. #Queensbirthdayparty
The DoE booked himself in for a hip replacement so he could miss this. There wasn’t even anything wrong with his hip. #Queensbirthdayparty
Did anyone think of booking someone that one actually likes? What part of “Brian May” wasn’t clear?? #Queensbirthdayparty
When that martini glass is empty, fill it up. Looks like it’s going to be a long night. #Queensbirthdayparty #GetOneAGin #NoMixer
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