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Now marching down Bwy to Union Square. Feels like 2000 and growing. #protectmueller NYC
LIVE: Nationwide protests to #ProtectMueller are pushing back against Trump's authoritarian moves
House Democrats led by @repmaxinewaters hold a #ProtectMueller Press Conference
#ProtectMueller Protesters Shut Down Streets in Midtown Manhattan: “We Have to Resist”
Not New Year's Eve -- #ProtectMueller in Times Square.
Thousands of #ProtectMueller protesters marching down Fifth Avenue in New York Thursday night
These #ProtectMueller protests are all over the country and not small, especially with so little notice.
#ProtectMueller march to Union Square in New York. “Wake up Congress, do your job,” protesters chant.
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The illegal psy ops operation behind the #MAGA and #Brexit campaigns. #TrumpRussia #ProtectMueller
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