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The Best show on Tv returns July 1st #POWER
Here’s the moment fans have been waiting for: The #DubaiFountain playing #Power by @weareoneEXO! #EXOPowerDubai
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I ain't the chick to walk behind you around town! 👊🏼 P<3 #Power
Wait! Is #Power going to be performed live by @weareoneEXO at #SMTOWNinDubai? Oh yes it is!
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Friday is the day you guys get to hear, download and stream the new version of #Power ft @Stormzy1 😍 LM HQ x
Deciding who we should collaborate with on #Power in the group chat = ESSENTIAL! 👀🔥🔥
xx the girls xx
Jade x the Triple A Girls = #POWER 💥
”You can be a woman and a Boss and wear the trousers at the same time..” 🎶 #Power #xfactor Lx
The motto for the rest of this week 😝
Our girls really do have super powers 😍 Player select 🎮...Qween Jade! 🌈👑 What would her abilities be? LM HQ x #POWER
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