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Charles M. Blow
folks this is not how a president behaves this is not a president we don t have one we re leaderless so fright
Folks, this is not how a president behaves. This is not a president. We don't have one. We're leaderless. So frightening. #phoenix
Xeni Jardin
this is incredible on maddow phx mayor greg stanton d is in effect saying he s condemning trump s visit as a h
This is incredible, on @maddow. PHX Mayor Greg Stanton (D) is in effect saying he's condemning Trump's visit as a hate rally. #Phoenix
Charles M. Blow
every network should immediately follow trump s phoenix by playing his charlottesville responses in full lies
Every network should immediately follow Trump's #phoenix by playing his #Charlottesville responses in full. Lies of omission cannot stand.
ABC15 Arizona
whoa right now phoenix is colder than anchorage alaska yes you read that correctly abc15wx
WHOA! ❄️ Right now #Phoenix is COLDER than #Anchorage, Alaska! Yes, you read that correctly! #abc15wx
Rita Ora
@RitaOra 5 months
smiling a lot these days phoenix
Smiling a lot these days... #PHOENIX ☄️☄️
3TV Phoenix
cat rescued from utility pole in phoenix
Cat rescued from utility pole in #Phoenix
Charles M. Blow
there it is the racist dog whistle they re trying to take away our heritage and our history i want to phoenix
There it is, the racist dog whistle: They're trying to take away our heritage and our history. I want to 🤢 #Phoenix
Rita Ora
@RitaOra 4 months
nearly time phoenix nov23
Nearly time 😊❤️ #Phoenix #nov23
Cristiano Ronaldo
funny message from phoenix supporters thank your guys
Funny message from #Phoenix supporters. Thank your guys.
Rita Ora
@RitaOra 4 months
when your album is nearly out phoenix nov23 link in bio so excited
When your album is nearly out 💘 #Phoenix #nov23 Link in bio so excited
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