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Javier Blas
boom us oil rig count down for first time since jan down 2 to 756 according to baker hughes oil oott shale ope
US #oil rig count down for first time since Jan.
Down -2 to 756, according to Baker Hughes
#oil #OOTT #shale #OPEC #Permian
Javier Blas
opec s grand plan to tame us shale has failed via bfly jleeenergy oott oil permian
#OPEC's grand plan to tame U.S. #shale has failed via @bfly @JLeeEnergy #OOTT #oil #permian
Javier Blas
shale boom iea says average break even price in the permian basin in texas is now at 40 45 that s average no s
#SHALE BOOM: @IEA says average break-even price in the #Permian basin in #Texas is now at $40-45 (that's average, no sweet spots) #OOTT #oil
Javier Blas
us rig count up 1 to 799 highest since april 2015 oott shale permian
U.S. rig count up +1 to 799 (highest since April 2015) -- #OOTT #shale #Permian
Javier Blas
pioneer natural resources ceo says his company breaks even at 20 a barrel in a 40 world we make good returns p
Pioneer Natural Resources CEO says his company breaks-even at $20 a barrel. "In a $40 world we make good returns". #PlattsCOS #OOTT #Permian
Javier Blas
opec forecast for 2017 non opec oil output growth jan 120k b d feb 240k b d mar 400k b d apr 580k b d oott sha
#OPEC forecast for 2017 non-OPEC #oil output growth:
Jan: 120k b/d
Feb: 240k b/d
Mar: 400k b/d
Apr: 580k b/d
#OOTT #shale #Permian
@EIAgov 1 year
the permian region is expected to produce 29 million b d of crudeoil by the end of 2018
The #Permian region is expected to produce 2.9 million b/d of #CrudeOil by the end of 2018.
Javier Blas
permian watch midland wti trading nearly 18 a barrel below meh oil more on theterminal oott
#Permian Watch: Midland WTI trading nearly $18 a barrel below MEH #oil -- more on @TheTerminal #OOTT
Javier Blas
us oil rig count up 8 to 741 it s the 21st straight week of rig additions the longest streak in 30 years oott
US #oil rig count up +8 to 741. It's the 21st straight week of rig additions, the longest streak in 30 years #OOTT #shale #Permian
Petroleum Economist
exxonmobil and chevron this year have both rolled out aggressive plans to expand in the permian oott shale
ExxonMobil and Chevron this year have both rolled out aggressive plans to expand in the #Permian #OOTT #shale
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