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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is looking good! #PSX16
@Naughty_Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II . #PSX16
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The Last of Us 2 Announced With First Trailer @ #PSX16
Three classic Crash Bandicoot games are getting remastered for PS4 with the N. Sane Trilogy. #PSX16
Dreams can come true! Windjammers is coming to PS4. #PSX16
This wall run triple was on POINT, @UrbanDM!

Next match starting now on

Want to learn more about The Last of Us Part II? Watch the #PSX16 panel next:
You gotta believe! Parappa the Rapper coming to PS4, with a demo due out today on PS Store. Patapon, LocoRoco coming soon too! #PSX16
Just a few days left.... One last look at The Last Guardian #PSX16
The crowd goes wild! Wipeout Omega Collection is coming to PS4, includes three classic games. #PSX16
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